All the secrets of Milos island

Alkestis, Konstantinos, Apostolos, and Vassilis, a group of pupils from the 1st Panorama high-school in Thessaloniki accompanied by their teachers, visited Milos between 8-10 July, on an educational MILOTERRANEAN trip, their prize from winning at the SchooLab competition, where S&B was as sponsor. The prize included a visit to the Milos Mining Museum and a guided tour of one MILOTERRANEAN route (route 1-“Vani” was their choice). Following their MILOTERRANEAN experience, the kids themselves asked to fill their 2nd day with one more MILOTERRANEAN discovery (route 2-«Volcano»). This is the best reward for the MILOTERRANEAN project.

Upon their return, their teachers, Mrs. Anna Voutsa (mathematician) and Mrs. Maria Rapti (Physicist), sent us their impressions:

Having concluded our trip, we would like to thank S&B […]. Within the timespan of our short visit, we managed to get both a flavor of the island’s wonderful beaches with their crystal blue seawater, and of Milos’ invaluable geological history, of which we were unaware.[…]. Impressive routes […] in the mountainous parts of Milos offer the visitor the opportunity to gain another perspective of the island. We were excited with the continuous progress […] in extraction, mining and processing plant activities, as well as with the wonderful Milos Minining Museum […]’. Starting from the museum, where one can get an idea of the island’s mining history and unique geology due to its volcanic origin, the walks in nature are unprecedented. Leaving the island, two thoughts occupied our minds:

• Our knowledge of the island would be incomplete if our visit had not been part and parcel of a Miloterranean experience

• If there were more concerted efforts to inform tourists about the island’s geologic wealth, Milos would attract annually more visitors than it regularly does.”