All the secrets of Milos island
7000-2800 B.C.
Neolithic Age
Exploitation of obsidian that was used for the making of tools and weapons
1800-1100 B.C.
Bronze Age
Extensive trading in obsidian and pottery.
Mining of kaolin for ceramic and pharmaceutical uses.
Flourishing of the Fylakopi settlements.
1100-750 B.C.
Geometric Age –
750-480 B.C.
Αrchaic Period
Mining of obsidian and aluminate minerals, kaolin predominantly, is continued.
Classical Period
Mining of trachite for the making of millstones (for the grinding of cereals and other materials), Alunite and sulfur are mined for pharmaceutical purposes.
Trsnsformation of alunite into alum, used as dye for fabrics.
Mining of bentonite, used for the making of soap.
Around that time, there was possibly mining of silver ores.
323-146 B.C.
Hellenistic Period
146-330 A.D.

Roman Period
Mining of small quantities of silver – lead ores.
Mining of pozzolan used as construction material.
Trade in pumice used for the polishing of marbles and mosaics.
Creation of salt – pans for salt production.
330-1204 A.D.
Βyzantine Period
Continuation of the trading of clay minerals, millstone, alum, pumice, and salt, and of pottery production.
1204-1566 A.D.
The Frankish Rule
Beginning of gypsum eploitation.
1566-1821 A.D.
The Turkish Rule
Restricted activities on the island, mainly kaolin exports for porcelain production.
1862 Concession of the sulfur eploitation at “Paliorema” location. The right later extended to other locations as well. Works were interrupted in 1958.
1884 Beginning of silver bearing galenite esploitation, at “Triades” location. Termination of works at the end of the 19th century.
1890 Beginning of manganese exploitation at “Vani” location. Works stopped in 1928.
1899 Beginning of kaolin exploitation, and later in 1925, setting up of a processing plant.
1934 Beginning of baryte exploitation at “Voudia” location.
1952 Beginning of exploitation of the industrial mineral “Bentonite”.
1954 Beginning of exploitation of the industrial mineral “Perlite”.
1984 Beginning of pozzolan mining at “Xylokeratia” location.