All the secrets of Milos island

The presentation event of Miloterranean Geo Experience, sponsored by S&B, was successfully organized on Tuesday, May 14th at «The Hub Events». Present at the event, which was under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism, were representatives of the state, bodies and professionals of the Greek tourist and business communities, personalities from the fields of Culture and Science, and a large audience. Welcoming speeches were addressed by G. Damoulakis, Mayor of Milos, as well as Κ. Michalos, Chairman of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Miloterranean Geo Experience is a tourist brand aiming at upgrading the island’s tourist product by utilizing the unique volcanic origin of Milos’ landscape and its rare geology. More specifically, 7 maps with detailed routes complemented by concise text, guide the visitor’s discovery of the island’s unique geology, wealth of mining history and present, and its beautiful natural environment revealing a so-far “secret” Milos. Geologists, mining engineers, foresters, cartographers and historians combined their expertise and insights to take the visitor on an unprecedented journey to this Cycladic scenery, aiming to the creation of a whole-new experience beyond highlighting Milos’ uniqueness on a global level.

Milos Mining Museum Management Committee representative Mrs. Nicole Kyriacopoulos highlighted that: «The Milos Mining Museum is a living organism renewing itself on a permanent basis, innovating and educating. This new initiative, Miloterranean Geo Experience, emerged through the Milos visitors’ persistent admonition for the creation of a more complete guiding tool to the island’s sites of geologic, industrial, and mining interest». Thomas Androulakis, S&B Group Sustainable Development Manager, pointed out that: «Supporting Miloterranean, S&B proves that it cares for Milos’ both tourist and mining industry sustainable development in this challenging environment for our country”.

Subsequently, the event’s presenter Mr. Thodoris Anagnostopoulos, revealed to the audience some of the secrets of the Miloterranean routes in a special presentation. In an ingenious way, it was made clear how a touristic brand can make sciences –from Geology to Archaeology- interact so vividly that both, knowledge and touring acquire a new name: Miloterranean Geo Experience.