All the secrets of Milos island

Ms Christina Karampali won a free 3-day trip to Milos for two and the chance to live a Miloterranean Geo Experience! We wish “Bon Voyage!” and invite her to share her Miloterranean experience through our site’s blog when she returns.

We thank all our TEDxAUEB competition participants!

Below you may view the correct answers.

a) Lichens
b) Mars planet image from Curiosity
c) Milos: sulfur on kaolin mineral

a) Meadow in Switzerland
b) “Fyriplaka” inactive volcano crater in Milos
c) An image from the Scottish Highlands

a) Geologic formation known as “Skiadi” on Kimolos
b) Giant mushroom
c) Sculpture

a) Lunar landscape
b) Desert
c) Volcanic rocks in Sarakiniko of Milos

a) Obsidian blade for Neolithic weapon
b) Coal
c) Fossil tooth

a) Perennial cedar tree of the Cyclades
b) Mistletoe tree for druid Getafix’s magic potion
c) Thick bush

a) Cloud
b) Vapor from gas releases: fumarole
c) The steep climb of Tom Cruise in the movie Mission Impossible

a) Gollum’s hideaway, scene from the Lord of the Rings
b) Barnacles on Milos rocky shore
c) Cooled lava

a) Jellyfish washed ashore
b) Sea urchin fossil on a Milos beach
c) Sea pebble