All the secrets of Milos island

On the evening of Saturday, 24 November, the winners of the MILOTERRANEAN Geo Trivia were announced by our TEDxAthens host, following a lot from the pool of correct answers. Ms Despina Ioakimidou and Ms Katerina Fragkoudaki won a free 3-day trip to Milos for two and the chance to live a Miloterranean Geo Experience. We wish “Bon Voyage!” to both and invite them to share their Miloterranean experience through our site’s blog when they return.

We thank all competition participants!

Below you may view the correct answers.

Milos: a unique landscape with rare mining wealth, as a result of….

A meteor that landed in the sea
Volcanic activity
No cause – both were always there

When did obsidian mining start on Milos and its trading in the Mediterranean?

300 ΒC
1.000 BC
8.000 BC

Which technological revolution was responsible for the dramatic decline of obsidian mining?

Invention of the wheel
Metallurgy (Bronze Age)
Use of mortars

If you were an ancient Greek, what would the term “Melian Earth” mean to you?

Stone balls for catapults
Raw material for ceramics
The island of Milos, naturally!

If you lived before 1960 how would sulfur mined on the island be useful to you?


Which part of the world is the larger producer of perlite nowadays?

New Mexico, USA
Milos, Greece

Which part of the world is the larger exporter of bentonite?

Wyoming, USA
Bavaria, Germany
Milos, Greece

Where does the name Miloterranean come from?

Venus’ s apple