All the secrets of Milos island

The island of the Blessed

A Greece with no debts and no unemployment? It is called Milos, and is a secret, but recommended, tourist destination



Although Milos is called “the island of the colors” because of its geology’s volcanic origin, it could also be characterized as the island of the Blessed. Among its 5,000 residents, not even one is unemployed, and there is no hint of financial or debt crisis.

 The south-westernmost island of the Cyclades, Greece, with its more than 70 beaches and innumerable mines, is an unexplored paradise for tourists.

 S&B is the biggest employer on the island; a company that systematically rehabilitates, over the years, its depleted mines.

Seven routes, through active and inactive mining excavations, geologic monuments and archaeological sites on this volcanic island, have already been signposted and mapped [TN reference to Miloterranean Geo Experience]. One of them takes the visitor to the early Christian catacombs, older than the Roman ones, and continues, with impressive views to the sea, passing through an ancient theater dating back to the era of Alexander the Great. Another one will lead the tourists’ steps to the ruined premises of an ex sulfur mine by a heavenly beach!

 Sponsor of this project is the management of S&B, who decided to invest their money –among others- in the Bavarian town of Landshut. S&B is among the world- biggest providers of minerals, such as bentonite and perlite.

 ‘The balance between the company’s industrial activity and our island’s environment works fine’ says Mihalis Kyritsis. The 35-year-old Melian earns his living through multiple occupations: cultivating fruits and vegetables without chemicals and fertilizers, selling self-made artifacts and souvenirs at his small tourist shop, renting kayaks at a beach bar, an idea taken over from a German.